Wall Coatings and Render Coatings

Wetherprufe Wall Coatings are:

 Maintenance free                        Is completely immune to water, sunlight and frosts

 Hides surface irregularities       Waterproof

 Breathable                                   Microporous

 Guaranteed for 15 years            Low-cost

 Up to 20 times thicker than conventional paints

The Wetherprufe Coatings Wales’ range of exterior maintenance-free wall coatings ensures low maintenance, meaning no more costly masonry painting every few years in addition to no discoloured paintwork or unsightly peeling.

Based on advanced resin technology, Wetherprufe Coatings Wales exterior wall coatings are able to resist water and dirt penetration over a period of many years, even in extreme weather conditions.

External re-decoration is a thing of the past with our never paint again wall coatings, as your home continues to look superb year after year with our award winning wall coatings!

We recognise that every home is different and that it is impossible to have a generic wall coating to suit every property. We do therefore have a range of different clear, smooth and textured coatings.

When it comes to masonry wall coatings, we will only recommend what we feel is right for you and your property, while offering a Best Price Guarantee.

House painting

We also provide an exterior house painting system using our unique light-duty system, which has outstanding specification and quality.          

This will outlast conventional paint systems.

Wall Coatings Heavy Duty Systems

Wetherprufe Coatings Wales use Wethertex®, a resin based wall coating as opposed to acrylic or silicon wall coatings due to its exceptional all round ability.

The reason Wetherprufe Coatings Wales uses Pliolite resin wall coatings is that resins enable the wall coating to be more breathable and waterproof than any other acrylic or silicon based wall coating, and are also suitable for all year round application.

The resins are water and frost proof within 30 minutes and can even be applied directly over previously painted surfaces!

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