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Wetherprufe Coatings Wales provides a total exterior renovation System using Pliolite resin, based on                      technology. We provide the following services;

    External Rendering

    Eliminating Penetrating Damp

    Resin Wall Coatings

    Brick and Wall Tie Repair

Wetherprufe Coatings Wales specialise in applying the Wethertex® Heavy-Duty Protective Coatings, which are power sprayed onto exterior walls after the necessary preparation.

1) The first stage requires pressure washing the surfaces and applying a Fungicidal Treatment.

2) All loose or cracked render is expertly repaired as the walls have to be perfect before the coatings are applied.

3) Application of a highly penetrating Rubber Stabiliser.

4) The final stage is to apply the Wethertex® Heavy Duty Protective Coating which is power sprayed onto the surface to create the final finish.  

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Penetrating Damp Penetrating Damp

Penetrating Damp

Wall Coatings Wall Coatings

Wall Coatings

Brick and Wall Tie Repair Brick and Wall Tie Repair

Brick and Wall Tie Repair

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