Damp Proofing

Wetherprufe Coatings Wales has over 30 years experience in eliminating penetrating damp and offer a range of guaranteed damp proof coatings, renders and treatments that waterproof, protect and eliminate penetrating damp in walls.

These coatings will result in;

 No Damp Patches or Black Mould

 Damp Walls Allowed to Dry Out

 No Musty Damp Smells

 Re-Decoration eliminated

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With the UK experiencing colder and wetter weather, it is essential that your property is protected to withstand cold and damp.

Penetrating Damp solutions vary, but the secret to permanently curing penetrating damp walls is to restore the damp proofing ability of the wall surface to once more resist penetrating damp.

It is crucial the wall is not sealed and continues to breathe. This ability to repel penetrating damp and yet allow moisture vapour to pass through from the inside is known as microporous.

Wetherprufe Coatings Wales provides the most effective microporous wall coatings in the industry, has an excellent reputation for curing penetrating damp walls, with damp proof coatings that are more breathable than the majority of other brands.

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